Dawn Rising

Wow. I hate introductions. They’re awkward, they’re bland, and they’re so very redundant. I hate introductions so much that on more than one occasion I’ve tried sloughing the entire first week of the new school semester, just to avoid the dreaded, “About Me” papers. I’ve tried to understand why a teacher would want to read 50 to 60 papers written in autobio style (especially considering the authors are often adolescents who don’t really know themselves well enough to give an accurate description).

Let’s just be honest here, this is the Dawn Rising of Beingarellanes. Most people get into a blog series well after the initial post, so I’m not too inclined to make this post the most entertaining.


**DISCLAIMER** I am a Christian. I love the Lord. I try to live my life according to God’s Word, the Bible. I’ll give a detailed account of my salvation in another post, but for now suffice it to say that if you follow my post you will read about the Lord and about what He’s been doing in my life. Furthermore, I’m not dead yet, so some of my posts might be a little racy. I’ll do my best to tag those posts so those of you who don’t want to know the nitty-gritty can steer clear.


To be succinct,

  • I’m Morgan Arellanes
  • Twenty-something
  • Married for about a year and a half (woot!) to a ruggedly handsome fellow who goes by Jimmy
  • No kiddos yet
  • 1 princely dog, Obadiah Jones, or Obe, for short
  • I’m a Christian. To my very core, I know that God sent his son to die for my sins, and that because I accepted God’s free gift of Salvation, I have an eternal home in heaven when I die
  • In school to get my Bachelors and eventual Masters in Speech-Language Pathology
  • My favorite things are singing and getting lost in a good book
  • This blog’s purpose is to help me understand myself, while providing entertainment for those who choose to follow along.

Blogs are fun, huh?






Anything off the trolley?

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