I see you, kind girl. I see that used car, a few years old – but paid off, parked waiting for you in front of Good Will. I see you pushing the cart into the wholesale food store; carrying your own reusable bags because it’s cheaper than paying the cashier a nickle a bag at check out. I see you living in your trailer park. I see how the money you didn’t spend on a nice house is being spent on your tuition.  I see how your life looks more expensive then it is. I see you rocking secondhand treasures because, what other choice do you have? I see the sacrifices being made now, so that you can afford the classes you still have left to take. I see how you will go in to debt trying to finish your education, because you don’t earn enough to pay for school, and attend school at the same time. I see how you earn too much to get financial aid. Not diverse enough to qualify for scholarships, you are too tall for the Little People of America award, and too short for the Tall Clubs International grant.Your extra X chromosome excludes you from the Balanced Man Scholarship. I see your light skin, and know that blocks out the Ethnic Minority Scholarship. I see you’re too fat for the Academic Scholarship for Anorexia Survivors, but too thin for the New England chapter of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance award. I see you’re right handed, so the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship for Left Handed Individuals is invalid as well. I see you’re too rich for poverty, but too broke for upper class. I see you’re too young for retirement, too old for make-believe. I see you’re too normal, too average, too conventional, too usual. You think you’re too standard to be anything special. I see you staying up late, studying hard, striving to earn the career of your choice. Not wanting to be left with jobs of circumstance. I see you heading to classes, followed by a full shift at work, prepared for the day with your inherited, well-worn travel mug, filled with affordable coffee and off-brand creamer. I see you smile as you bring the brew to your lips. I see you, kind girl.




Coffee is a vitamin.


I See You, Kind Girl.

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