The only teeth you have to brush are the ones you want to keep

Alright, I don’t floss like I should. I know you should floss once a day to disrupt the bacteria growing in between your gums. I know you should disrupt this so there’s less plaque growth. I know you should prevent plaque from growing because this will harden into calculus. I know that calculus can lead to decay and infection. I know all of this because I work at a Dental Clinic. I hear, and see, the illustrations given to each and every patient that we care for. And yet, here I sit, unflossed. So, in order to terrify myself, and my darling readers (that’s you!) into proper dental hygiene practices, I’ve been looking at photos of people without teeth. Yeah -it’s quite motivating. When I wanted to get fit before my wedding I printed out a photo of a gorgeous model in my wedding gown. I took the photo to the gym with me every day and taped it to the mirror. When I figured I’d done enough sets, I’d see this photo and do five more reps. This is the same concept.

Teeth are a big deal, aside from the obvious health benefits a healthy smile offers, they make up a huge part of a persons identity. Without teeth our facial expressions would suffer (could you imagine the result of Emoji’s if they were based off of humans without teeth?!), our eating habits would change, and our overall appearance would transform. I mean, have you ever considered just how important teeth are? Take a look at these well-known faces with their teeth photo-shopped out:


When I was a school girl I had this daydream that I would frequent during Social Studies class. I’d go through this door and end up inside this 1950’s style diner (complete with subway tiles, a jukebox, and and a cook named Big Jim). I fantasized about sitting there, minding my own, when in walks Daniel Radcliffe. He casually sits down beside me, we meet eyes, I make some witty joke about wizards, he adores my down-to-earth, fetching self.  And then we succumb to our irresistible love, over a chocolate milk shake, complete with two straws…Looking at this photo of Dan, I can say it completely shatters my childhood admiration.


This photo is a little less heart wrenching – but any odontarrupophobia I was feeling has been replaced with a genuine inclination to brush and floss regularly. (I must say, even without the chompers, I’d still accept a free car from Ellen with much gratitude!)

Something my Preacher says often when delivering an exceptionally convicting message is that he’s preaching to himself, because he needs to hear it just as much (if not more) than his congregation does. That’s exactly what I’m doing – I’m not trying to convict you dearies, I’m trying to keep myself accountable! I promise I will not look near as good as Ellen should I loose my teeth…

I’m not trying to harp on those of use who have a very toothless grin, or to those who already are edontulous and use dentures – on the contrary! I applaud you fine folk for acknowledging and accepting a better solution. It’s not uncommon for people with teeth that have begun to decay to experience infections that can lead to health complications, bone loss, or even death! This message is more of a push to those, much like myself, who can’t seem to find the necessary 2 minutes twice a day to brush, and the 2 minutes once a day to floss. Let’s get real – some of you take longer to poop than you do to floss your teeth. And if it does take you a bit longer to relax into a bowl movement, why not knock two birds out with one stone? Keep a roll of floss next to the roll of toilet paper – it’ll give you something to do while you’re on the commode if you’ve run out of levels on Candy Crush and don’t want to pay the .99 cents to move on to the next episode.

Having tooth decay isn’t necessarily evidence of lack of hygiene. Some tooth decay can be contributed to pH levels that are out of whack within the mouth. Don’t believe me? Check out Dr. Ellie’s page here to read more about it!

For those who clamber into bed, burrow into your covers, position your angelic head oh so delicately on your freshly fluffed pillows, I hope these images haunt you. I pray that as you drift off to lullaby land, your cloud derails into this nightmare of Ellen and Daniel kissing wildly, producing a slight squeak every time their gums come together! After a few minutes of that mind image, you’ll be sure to get out of bed, head towards the sink, and brush your teeth.

– – Click here for tips and techniques on proper brushing

– – Click here for tips and techniques on proper flossing

Thanks for tuning in,

Happy Smiles!



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