Morgan: A History

Up to this point in our brief time together, I have not given a proper introduction to who I am – which has more to do with the fact that I hate introductions, but I think it’s time to introduce you to myself. I realize that in most cases the initial post is the introduction, but I wasn’t quite ready to be introduced. I am, however, ready to do so now. So without much further ado…


Morgan: A History.

Hi there. My name is Morgan Arellanes.


I grew up in Wyoming with my Momma and Stepdad, D. My parents divorced when I was a baby, and I don’t ever remember wishing they would get back together. My Momma and my Daddy gave me life, but they were always meant to be with the people they are married to now. I couldn’t imagine my life (and wouldn’t want to) without my D and Nola (my stepmom). They are a big part of me. I could have been the poster child for civil divorce. Even though my relationship with all of my parents has always been rather wonderful, I didn’t get to see my Daddy a whole lot. He travels for work, so my sisters and I would go stay with him primarily on holidays, and for a few weeks during the summer. He and my stepmom live in South Dakota, so a light (very light, like 4 weeks a year, total) portion of my childhood was spent there.

I lived in the South Eastern corner of Wyoming until I was almost 12, and then my stepdad D, who’s in the Army National Guard, transferred to lead a different unit in the South Western part of Wyoming. I lived there until I was 18. I graduated High school and went to Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. That entire experience would take up several blogs, but for all it’s worth, suffice it to say that I went to HBBC for a year and it not only confirmed my faith in the Lord, but it helped shape who I am as a Daughter of the King.

After Heartland, I moved back to Wyoming and lived there until I met, and married my husband, J. We were married September 20th, 2014. It’s a great love story! I’ll type it out sometime!

We moved on December 28th, 2015 to Washington. The motives for the move were three-fold. First, J. wanted to live in an area of Idaho that was both conservative and prosperous for growing our own food. Wyoming, although conservative, is not agricultural oasis that the world thinks it is… Second, we’d like to homestead one day, and Idaho was a really enticing place for our goals and dreams, but even more so are the laws on homeschooling – Idaho is really relaxed in this area. We knew we could raise our children how we wanted to in this area. Third, I wanted to finish my degree in Speech-Language Pathology. I applied for Washington State University, and after much deliberation, will be attending there either Spring 2017, or Fall 2017. We’ll see how things go! As a sort of added bonus, we also wanted to experience more than what Wyoming had to offer. We were both able to find work here relatively easily, and God has blessed us and reassured us repeatedly that this is where we are supposed to be.
When we moved to the Valley (two towns that border the Washington and Idaho state line) we intended to buy a house, rent, or buy a large trailer. We borrowed my parent’s camper to live in for a few weeks so we could get on our feet, and well, a few weeks turned into 6 months, and we like the savings so much that we decided to try our hand at “tiny living” and have purchased our own camper! Albeit, it is a little larger than the one we were in before. Tiny Living is interesting – mainly because we really don’t live that tiny! Yes, our camper is smaller than the average trailer, and my living room and kitchen are one in the same, but when you really consider how much space is needed to “live in”, it’s not all that much.

Our lives are a little c(r)amped (ha! See what I did there? J), but our unintentional “tiny living” has given us big adventures. We didn’t set out thinking we’d live tiny, but that’s exactly what has happened. And since our motto for the last two years of marriage has been, “Not my will, but thy will” we’ve come to find out that whenever our plans fall apart, it’s because God’s plans are falling together. So instead of living in an apartment, going to school full time and being a fun, young twenty-something couple, we are living tiny, working hard to save money to go to college without debt, and learning to homestead. It’s amazing how things just work out.

Last thing to know about your favorite blogger – I love questions! I love asking questions, and I love answering questions. If you ever want to know more about me, J. our dog Obadiah Jones, or anything else, feel free to contact me! The great thing about the internet is it’s unlimited potential for communication.

A few of my hobbies include: reading, writing, singing, playing with my dog, Obe, and hanging out with my smoking hot husband, J.

Some fun facts:

*I am a Christian and I go to an independent, fundamental, Baptist Church.

*I’m currently reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon,

*I absolutely love rereading the Harry Potter series. (shout out to the Potterheads who caught the reference above!)

*I have a total of three sisters and three brothers (from different marriages).

*I used to pretend that if I sat upside-down on my couch I could enter upside-down land and walk on the ceiling.

*I’ve only even been in love one time – and I married that guy!


Thanks for tuning in, lovelies! I do so look forward to getting to know you all.

Happy Blogging!

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