Tiny Human-Tiny Living: An Update


A few weeks ago I wrote a blurb about being going through some complications with my pregnancy (click here to read the original!) Anyway I just wanted to give you all a quick update:

I haven’t had any problems or bleeding since the day after the initial appearance. I have had quite a rousing go of Morning Sickness to also assure me that tiny human is doing just fine. My Midwife said to be cautiously optimistic before, and all things considered we’re not worried one bit. God has really given us a peace about everything.

The one bummer is that I think the bleeding stemmed from a vigorous workout I had done the day before, I haven’t worked out since then – but I’d like to start back up. The only issue with exercising here is that it’s incredibly hot and terrible to be outside, and I cancelled my gym membership at #SnapFitness due to lack of funds this month. So I’m a sitting duck currently.

J. and I get our new abode in two weeks, and we’re really excited to be in a bigger place (albeit, not much bigger, but still!) With that we’ve been saving every last penny to be able to finish paying off the camper, and afford a deposit and first months rent at our new place. We found a wonderful lady who rents off an acre of her property for tenants and it was within our budget to snatch that up!

J. is really excited about the new place because he’s allowed to have goats and chickens on our plot. He’s been reading up on Chicken Coops for daysssssss. At least he’s thoroughly entertained!

All in all – it’s been a really good summer. The future holds an amazing adventure, and we’re happy all along the way!


DSCN1120 (3)DSCN1175 (2)

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