Dry Morsels and Quietness

The past few days have been dissapointing. Dissapointing to no one else but my own self. I charged myself to be in God’s Word every day. I wrote an entire post  on this. I spent so much effort on the post to read my Bible that I never did read my Bible…

Well, today I opened my Bible. Today I decided to read the 17th Proverb because, well, actually I looked at the calander wrong and thought it was the 17th of November, but I thought it was a good place to start. I was determined to read something — anything at all that would charge my heart. I made it through the first verse in the chapter, and I was struck.

It’s not always this way.

Sometimes it takes more time for God to get through my ice, and into my spirit, to connect with me on my level.

Today it took one verse.

“Better is a dry morsel, and quietness therewith, than an house full of sacrifices with strife.” Proverbs 17:1

I had to reread this a time or two. I looked up a few other verses with the word Morsel in it (see Job 31:17, Psalm 147:17, Hevrews 12:16). I came to a few different thoughts about what this verse meant. Essentially, it’s better to have a seeminlgy dried up piece of whatever, and along with it quietness, than to have a house full of things and have strife. It’s better to be content with a little, and therewith be at peace, than to have a lot and with that, a life full of drama. It seems to me that the more stuff you have the more you have to deal with. 

Last December, my husband and I moved from a two bedroom house with a good size yard, garage, and carport, into a 30ft Camper Trailer. We uprooted our entire lives in this move, but instead of finding strife and constant issues, we found peace and God’s Will. I believe the principle in this verse gave us clarity and definition throughout an experience that was terrifying and altering. The simplicity of our move helped keep me grounded, and I’m sure that has made all the difference.

Downsizing, at first, was so hard and definitely NOT quiet or peaceful. For the first eight months I had to leave my dog behind, there just wasn’t enough room in our first tiny home. We had to leave one of our vehicles behind, and for five months operated with only one car to use between two very different work schedules. I only had half of my clothes, and I was seriously lacking in the DVD department. But after a few weeks I realized just how much quieter my life was. Without a “house full of sacrifice” I had time to find out what was actually important to me, and to being who I am. With our dry morsel, we had everything we needed. (Almost, I did get my dog just as soon as we moved to a large lot that gave him plenty of space to roam. He’s a dog, afterall, the “dry morsel vs. house of sacrifice” arguement doesn’t apply to you when you’re key time consumers are chasing your tail and barking at passing cars…)

Aside from the obvious money-saving aspects, my entire world changed. Chores and time occupiers that would normally take me three to four hours to complete were done in minutes. This extra time was so precious, and continues to be now that I’m growing my tribe. Having space is nice, but having time to spend with the people who make up my entire world is so much better. This is what I was struck with. This is what God gave me today, and I’ve been needing this. I needed my dry morsels, and quietness.




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