Ever have one of those mornings? No, not the lousy ones where your just-washed hair looks greasy, your clothes don’t fit just right, and your day seems to be angled against you. One of those days where you wake up – on time! – have enough space to get your look down and get to work without being late, and just are in a generally great mood? That was my Thursday. December was really kicked off the right way for me this year. Last December J. and I were preparing to move far away from our families. Because I was packing I didn’t put up ANY Christmas decor, and I had a really Grinchy attitude toward everyone. I didn’t want to leave my family, but I was a little frustrated with being “let go” from my first adult job, as well as with my Church family. To put it frankly, and I do love to be frank – last December sucked bulbs. Shinny, glass ornament bulbs. I don’t have a witty pun to compare the start of this December to, but suffice it to say that Santa is definitely on his way this season – ho ho ho!

Why is this December so grand you ask? Well, how kind of you! I’m glad to share. Thursday, December 1st, was so stellar because my husband drove me to work. Yep. That’s it. The past three weeks we’ve been carpooling to work since we’re down a vehicle. It’s been a little rough, because he starts work at 5:30 in the morning! and I don’t start until a much more appropriate 7:30 am. Since it’s about a 40min drive from our plot to his work, driving all the way back home after dropping him off is ridiculous, so instead I drive to my work and nap in the parking lot until it’s time for me to clock in. I’m really good at snoozing in cars, parked or otherwise.

I only have to nap in my car three of my five work days, since my husband’s work schedule is different than mine. However, he has to drive me to work the remaining two week days. Usually this isn’t so spectacular, but let’s go back to being frank – Frank would say that we all know our spouses well enough to be able to say that some hours of the day are better for them than others. I’m good to go from about 8:30am on – this has been altered slightly due to Tiny Human’s presence in my body, but only by going to bed earlier. My husband is up-and-at-’em at the ungodly hour of 5am. His idea of “sleeping in” is a rousing 6am. Now I love my husband, I married him after all, and I would never marry for anything less than love. But one morning he woke me up at 4am to “see if I wanted to go fishing”… I almost unfriended him right then and there! I kept my cool though. I told him “why, yes I do” and promptly fell back asleep.

Oops. got a little distracted there – as I was saying, my husband and I are different morning people. I like being up early, but have a hard time actually getting up early. I have my morning routine down to the minute! MUST be out of bed by 6:40am, and I MUST leave my tiny house by 7am in order to make it to work on time. My “routine” in the morning drives J. nuts. Of course it does, because it would drive anyone nuts. A more mature and responsible person would leave the house with plenty of time to spare in case of mishaps – but me? I don’t leave time for mishaps. I don’t leave time for anything, and yes, I know it’s a character flaw. I’ve been working on this for literally two decades – so get off my case. Please don’t take offense, it’s just there’s already several people on my case, so don’t bother trying to “help me” be a better adult, my people have me handled.

Darn my wandering train – I get so distracted these days. For all you non-believers, “pregnancy brain” is a real thing. Like, a really real thing. I was a non-believer. I didn’t think being pregnant could really effect your process of thought and understanding, but it does. I was a non-believer, now I’ve experienced first-hand the symptoms of PB, and now I am a straight up, Smash Mouth Believer (Then I saw her face! Now I’m a believer!!!)

Oh look, I did it again. I better station this train before it officially derails. You’ll just have to take my word for it. Yesterday, driving to work with my Sweets was one of those times in a relationship that really defines it. You know how you use different memories and snippets of conversation to explain the relationship you have with your best friend to people who have never met said best friend? I would use my conversation with J. yesterday to define our relationship. We jumped back and forth between serious issues our nation/world is facing, to acting out and mocking what it would be like to be arrested by an over-zealous Forrest Ranger for running over dead leaves. Which was hilarious. I laughed all the way into the building at that thought.

Before I depart, I’ll leave you with this – I know this was a long post about nothing, and if you follow my feed and just sorta skim over most of it that’s fine, BUT PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT I’M SAYING NOW! Because it’s important to understand this. I better put this thought into italics to really get the importance across – In your life you only have so many people that really understand who you are, exactly where you’re at. For these people you need to fight the hardest to keep. Without their insight you lose part of who you are. Without them you only see the version of yourself you recognize, and that can be terrifying. People who understand who you really are have the advantage of seeing you, without feeling your insecurities and harsh self-vision — that’s a beautiful thing. Don’t lose that beautiful thing.of-us

Do you know how incredibly blessed I am to be married to someone who understands who I am exactly where I’m at? Super blessed.


Hello December

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