And A Very Happy Chris-Hanu-Kwanz-iday To You!

Tis the season to wish strangers merriness!

After church this past Sunday I ran some errands and did some chores. I HAD TO do laundry – there was no more putting it off. It was to the point where I started searching my Tiny Home for the other 6 people living in it. We had SIX loads of laundry between J and myself… SIX LOADS!!!

That’s six washers washing followed by five dryers drying.

The pile came from our recent excursion back to Wyoming for Thanksgiving, and it grew from there. So Sunday afternoon I braced myself and went to do laundry. It was a fiasco, but this is a short post so I’ll only tell you one part of it. An elderly woman with no teeth and fuzzy pink kitty-cat pajamas started to take my laundry out of the dryer. I only noticed she was taking my laundry out when I glanced over to see her stretching out a pair of my more intimate panties. She held them right up to her eyeballs and, using two fingers, literally stretch them out.

Yeah. I have no idea… Anyhow, laundry sucked bulbs – but I still had to face Walmart and Costco. It wasn’t so bad, just crowded and busy. During one of the more jam-packed moments in the store, I had a lady politely squeeze by me. She even said “excuse me!” and everything! After I gave her enough space to pass through she turned back around and very warmly wished me a “Merry Christmas!”. It was DE-lightful. After the Grammy-Panty incident I could have used some holiday cheer, and this total stranger administered some into my cup! After a real crummy day, that’s all it took to change it around.

In case my title isn’t clue enough – no matter where you’re coming from or what you’re celebrating this December – have a Merry Happy Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa Holiday season. Don’t be a Grinchy Scrooge, we all know how their stories end anyway. Skip the ghosts and growth and let Christmas into your heart this year.

It really is the one time a year when most people try to be a better human, no matter what they believe.

(*Disclaimer*As a Christian, Christ is the reason for this season. Even though Jesus wasn’t actually born on December 25th, He was born on this earth. If December is when this world wants to celebrate Christ coming to Earth and living a sinless life to eventually die for the sins of this world, then I will gladly encourage and participate. Christmas may be the only day some people go to Church and acknowledge God at all this year, and that one time may be enough to change their entire eternity. That’s something.)

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord  →→  Joshua 24:15  ←← So from my family to yours, Merry Christmas! ♥


Photo cutesy of Lewiston Id. Winter Spirit Festival


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