A Mag-icky December

Well Hello end-0f-January, 

I meant to post this three weeks ago, but alas, the time has escaped me. Nevertheless, here is a small account of the last month of 2016. It was Mag-icky, and that’s okay.

Let me start you off with saying that December was still awesome. My relationship with my super hot husband blossomed, I got to see my par
ents and kid brother over Christmas (which, my soul, was the best thing ever), and my mommy bought me a Ninja Coffee Bar which has yet to disappoint! December was a good month; it was magical and the metaphorical warmth of Christmas was definitely present – it just was also kind of icky. Hence a “Magicky December” (If you were having trouble pronouncing it in the title, there was my not-so-subtle pronunciation of the portmanteau word describing December. Boom. Grammar.)

So what do you do when the New Year comes and goes and your problems last year have snuck in to the new year with you? Apparently for my tiny family, my tiny home, and my tiny human, it means you move.

About 4 weeks ago our corner of the universe dipped below freezing. I thought I’d be proactive and left my sink dripping water before heading to bed. Unfortunately, I didn’t take in to consideration that our camper is a closed sewer system. Basically we hold all our waste water in a tank and then when it gets full we open the drain so it can flow in to the sewer tank at the property. Fast forward through four hours of dripping water and you have a very confused and angry husband who is outside draining the very full, very much over-flowing, waste tank… It took about 2 days to get the smell of fecal out of our camper. I threw away two towels, 8 rolls of toilet paper, 2 rolls of paper towels, and a pair of beloved socks… For obvious reasons this is the “icky” part of our Magicky December.

After that, I decided it wasn’t a good idea to leave the water running. So two days after Poopmageddon we were dealing with no running water from an apparent frozen pipe.4 weeks later it’s obvious to us (but not to our land lady) that there is more than just a frozen pipe issue.

I know that legally our landlord is supposed to have this situation taken care of. I know that righteously we shouldn’t have had to go without water for almost an entire month. I know that if we wanted to, we could get really nasty with the lord of the land. But in a world of battles this is one we’ve chosen not to fight, and we’re OK with this decision.

I’m going to miss our little corner of the universe. We worked hard to make the property look good and feel wonderful. We worked hard to make it a place we wanted to be at. When you put that much time and effort into something, you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. Since our delight is ending prematurely, I have no choice but to trust that God does not want us where we are, and to follow where He leads. It just feels a little like taking a step back – but sometimes you have to take a few steps back in order to take any steps forward in God’s Will.

My biggest comfort is this: Staying in the center of God’s Will is always better than living in the best place imaginable, and being outside God’s Will.



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