Of Belly Buttons and Opinions

OpinionsHave you ever heard that opinions are like belly buttons? No? Well, let me tell ya, they are just like belly buttons… In the sense that everyone has one. Everyone has an opinion, and most everyone will share their opinion whether you want to hear it or not.

This post is about my belly button – er, opinion, on Transgender Rights. Specifically on the “Bathroom Issue” that is going around.

If you are unfamiliar with this territory than don’t fret. Sooner or later it will reach your ears. Sooner or later it will be everyone’s issue, because a few people are making it that way.

Before we go on, you should be reminded that I am a Christian, and conservative by nature in my opinion. So you can probably guess how I feel about Transgender issues… Or you can assume (but you know what they say about assuming…)

It’s been hard for me to form an opinion on Transgender Rights. It’s difficult because I think it’s wrong, and I don’t support the lifestyle. I don’t believe God makes mistakes. I believe every pregnancy is on purpose, and babies are born exactly how God intended them to be. Gender Identity, in my humble opinion, is a made up agenda that’s being pushed and pushed. So with the bathroom issues going around I’ve had to ask myself how I would feel if a transgender person came into the ladies room while I was in there. It’s not something I ever figured I’d have to deal with.

It’s definitely not something I imagined I would have to one day explain to my tiny humans.

But I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no easy answer. Some transitioning people still look an awful lot like their true gender, while others have transitioned a little more successfully.

It’s an issue that has to be dealt with, as it’s an issue on the rise. But who should decide? Who should be put to the task of determining the constitutional right of a person to use the bathroom of their choice? Who’s in charge of this?

As of Wednesday February 22nd, President Trump delegated the task to each individual state to decide the ruling. (This is only in regards to public school bathrooms. Private companies/business are responsible for their own decisions).

Remember how I said this was my blog, and my belly button? Well here is where I show my belly button. This is my opinion on the matter. Brace yourself, there’s a possible disagreement ahead.

I agree with President Trump’s ruling to let each state decide the issue for themselves. And the biggest reason why is because America is one republic made of 50 different states.states-rights Why are their different states? Because not everyone agrees on everything, and this has always been evident since the start of America! The point of America isn’t to have one nation that is the same anywhere and everywhere. If that were the case there never would have been 50 states allowed. There is 50 states – 50 places you can go to live around people who agree with you. If you don’t agree with the people around you than you have 49 other options. That’s a lot of options.

I get it. Not everyone can up and move. But what’s that saying, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”? It has literally never been easier to move throughout America than right now. So if you don’t agree with your states decision regarding the proper use of public school bathrooms, or the legalization of Marijuana, or the legal age to drink alcohol, then leave. Go be somewhere that you agree with, and recognize a State’s right to decide on certain issues – although I already checked, and every state recognizes 21 as the legal age to drink. So you’re out of luck there.

That’s it. That’s my belly button. Each state, as a state, has the right to decide what is best for the people living in that state. It’s a majority rules sort of deal. If it means that much to you then go where your majority rules.


Anything off the trolley?

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