A Peak Of My World: Being Arellanes

My name is Morgan. I’m twenty-something. I love the Lord, and am so blessed by Him. I try to adorn myself with God’s word every day. I’m married to a ruggedly dashing hunk, who we’ll call J. We are expecting our first Tiny Human in March 2017 – so pray for us! I have a healthy love for the Harry Potter series. If I could receive feedback from any author in the world in regards to my humble musings, it would be J.K. Rowling. She’s brilliant. I’m in school to get my Bachelors and eventual Masters in Speech Language Pathology. I’m an adamant Logophile, and I keep a constantly refreshing list of words, that I learn throughout the day, at my desk. Some of my favorite words at the moment are Coquettishly, Garrulous, Harangue, Reticent, and Verbose (that last one is sort of ironic, don’t you think?).

Currently we’re living the Tiny life, in our camper on an acre of land. We’re learning to cultivate and be more self-sustaining. We live in Washington State and we enjoy a lot of fresh, straight-from-the-source produce.

I work at a Medical and Dental clinic in the call center, and I really enjoy my job! It’s not forever, but it’s great for now. We’re trying to save as much money as possible over the next few months to pay for our Tiny Human (Go Midwife & Home Births!), my college, and *eventually* our home! Since we don’t know where we’ll be settling, we’re aiming to just have funds saved for the process when we do find our corner of the universe.

Some other, non-essential facts about me are as follows:

  • I love being an aunt – they call me Aunt Coco, which I adore!
  • I found my partial soul-mate in my dog, Obadiah Jones (Obe for short!)
  • My favorite movie is Hotel Transylvania
  • I love the idea of coffee – but rarely do I finish a full cup
  • I always get a little sad on December 25th after everyone leaves, the food is put away, and the Tree is empty
  • The smell of refrigerators makes me sick – not sure if that’s a pregnancy thing, or a me thing.


Here’s some photos of my world. 🙂

Nothing better than swinging at the park!

Nothing better than swinging at the park!

Our very first, adult fancy car.

Our very first, adult fancy car.

My Dashingly Rugged, Hunky Husband.

My Dashingly Rugged, Hunky Husband.

Just a nice day!

Just a nice day!


Smiling through a day of hard patients, the life of an MA!


When J. doesn’t want puppy-cuddles, but Obe does



My Husband and my Bester Bud, trying to convince me to leave work and go play!


The Valley where I live!



Anything off the trolley?

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