But, I Love Writing?

Typing long and hard, frustrated key-strokes when I'm upset allows me to unravel without being unraveled. The soft, romantic notions of typing out a story of a love I thought I once had allows me to understand the emotions I had as a seventeen year old girl. Typing just comes so much more easily to me than the long strokes of writing. I like it better, and I know it may be a generational gap - but typing for me just makes way more sense.


Tiny Human-Tiny Living: An Update

Salutations! A few weeks ago I wrote a blurb about being going through some complications with my pregnancy (click here to read the original!) Anyway I just wanted to give you all a quick update: I haven't had any problems or bleeding since the day after the initial appearance. I have had quite a rousing … Continue reading Tiny Human-Tiny Living: An Update


Her euphoric state lasted only a second longer. Zachery #2 was looking hard at his milkshake, careful not to meet eyes with Melanie. There was a pause, just long enough to make Melanie question herself, and then Zachery #1, having just finished chewing part of his lettuce, and with a dime-sized spot of ranch resting in the crook of his sneer, spoke.